Safeguarding Policy

St. Edward’s Sunday School has been flourishing since 1992 under the care of a dedicated team of teachers all of whom have completed (or in process of completing) the full procedure of Safeguarding checks.

The Safeguarding Policy Statement of the Church of England can be found on the Diocese in Europe website (Administration)

The aim of St. Edward’s Safeguarding Policy and Guidelines is to ensure the proper and safe care of all children who take part in church activities. There is an Implementation Document on display at the back of the church and below.

Child Safeguarding Policy Implementation Document

In 2001 the Church Council formally adopted their own Safegurading (formally Child Protection) Policy in accordance with the ruling of The House of Bishops whose directives are contained in the document Diocesan policy, procedures and guidelines of good practice in the Care and Protection of Children.

St. Edward’s Child Safeguarding Policy is implemented in the following ways:

  • All Sunday School teachers, leaders of children’s groups and helpers who have reached the age of 18 are required to sign a Confidential Declaration Form, provide a Certificates of no criminal record where appropriate and give the names of two referees. These references will be taken up in writing. A certificate of “no criminal record” must be obtained from the Swiss Federal Police.
  • All teachers, leaders and helpers over 18 are required to read carefully and follow to the best of their ability the Guidelines contained in St. Edward’s ChildSafeguarding Policy. The Guidelines and Policy document are reviewed annually.
  • A weekly attendance register will be kept for the children in each group.
  • Parents will be requested to sign a registration form for each child who is a member of Sunday School. Teachers should be aware of any allergies or special circumstances recorded for the children in their group.
  • Ongoing support and training will be provided for the teachers.
  • The Church Council aims to provide a safe physical environment for children and volunteers. Regular recommendations will be made to the Building Committee.
  • A programme of health and safety measures for children’s events, which are held outside the church premises, is recommended.

Anyone interested in establishing children’s church group activities other than Sunday School should contact the Chaplain for advice and guidelines.


Any concerns about the children in our care can be reported to the Safeguarding Officer Mrs Ashley Maffioli, or Mrs Diana Dell'Acqua (Churchwarden) during the current Interregnum.