How St Edward's Church is funded

The Church of St. Edward the Confessor is self-supporting. It receives no subsidies from outside sources but relies entirely on the generosity and commitment of all who share in its life to pay its way. This generosity makes it possible to employ a Chaplain, resource the Services and to maintain our buildings.

Generous giving of money to provide for the ministry of the Church is a calling each of us has if we follow Jesus and are a member of His Church. The Bible is very practical in its recognition that mission and ministry need financial investment and support. Our giving releases and enables such ministry to happen, investing in God’s purposes for our world.

You can give in the following ways:

  • Committed regular cash payments
  • Weekly or Monthly envelopes
  • Post Office Payment Slips
  • Bank Remittance

Additional payments in response to particular circumstances are also gratefully received throughout the year. You can make a donation directly to the Church's bank account using the Post Office payment slips that are always available at the back of Church, or using the following details:

Bank: UBS AG, CH-8098 ZÜRICH
Account number: 80-2-2
IBAN: CH34 0024 7247 3032 49L1 A

How our income is spent


Our expenses for this coming year will be in the region of CHF155,000

For more information see the leaflet available at the back of Church or available by contacting the Chaplain or Treasurer.